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Unlike most Jewish holidays, there are not many culinary traditions connected to Sukkot, besides making dishes that can be easily schlepped from the kitchen to your sukkah.

One culinary tradition associated with Sukkot is stuffed vegetables. Those were served during Sukkot throughout the diaspora, maybe as a nod to Sukkot being the Festival of Ingathering and to show the bounty of the year’s last harvest. In Israel, the fall harvest would consist of olives, figs and grapes. But if you want to celebrate harvest season in America, winter squashes come to mind.

There’s no need to convince any Middle Eastern cook to stuff vegetables (or fruit). So if you need some inspiration for stuffing onions, eggplants, zucchini, cauliflower or the classic cabbage, we have it. And here’s a new recipe for stuffed baby butternut squash, a perfect vessel for stuffing with rice and dried fruit.

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