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Vered Guttman

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About the Author

Vered GuttmanVered Guttman is passionate about Jewish and Israeli food. She writes the popular Modern Manna food blog for for Israel’s daily newspaper, Haaretz, and her articles appear in the Washington Post and, among others. She is also chef and owner of Cardamom & Mint, a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern catering company in Washington, DC. Growing up in Israel, Vered took her first steps in Jewish cooking sitting at the table of her two grandmothers, one from Poland, the other from Iraq. To these traditional Jewish flavors, she has now added the wonders of Israel’s modern fusion kitchen to create new Israeli-inspired recipes.

The Heights’ Muhammara (Roasted Pepper and Walnut Dip)

Recipe by Vered Guttman

The Heights’ <em>Muhammara</em> (Roasted Pepper and Walnut Dip)

This classic Middle Eastern dip of roasted pepper, walnut and pomegranate molasses is great for dipping with pita chips or veggies and is excellent in a sandwich with roasted vegetables. Muhammad (above right) is part of The Heights’ Mediterranean platter, which includes homemade hummus with pine nuts, babaganoush and tabbouleh. Jarred roasted peppers work well for this recipe.

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Date and Walnut Haroset Balls

Recipe by Vered Guttman

Date and Walnut <em>Haroset</em> Balls

My mother has been making these date and walnut balls, a variation on traditional Jewish-Iraqi haroset, which is made with chopped walnuts and silan (date honey), for years. They’re not only perfect for Passover and Tu b’Shevat, but are also healthy and tasty year round. Pressed baking dates are available in Middle Eastern and some

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