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Sherry Schweitzer

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About the Author

Sherry SchweitzerSherry W. Schweitzer teaches writing at UMUC and was formerly the editor-in-chief of The Teachers Edition, a weekly online newsletter for educators from the U.S. Department of Education. She has written freelance articles for several newspapers, including a food memoir about her grandparents' delicatessen, Weinstein's, for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She is an occasional blogger for her own food blog.

Pass-Me-More Passover Granola

Recipe by Sherry Schweitzer

Pass-Me-More Passover Granola

Reflecting on the kind of nibbles we ate on a regular basis and hoping for a post-Passover kitchen without another leftover box of matzah, I discovered that I could make a really good granola snack from crumbled matzah or farfel (truthfully, pieces of matzah resembling dog kibble). At first, I made a few “only fair” attempts,

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