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Sasha Felikson

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About the Author

Sasha FeliksonSasha Felikson is the executive chef at Doi Moi. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Sasha has always had a flair for the unique and exuberant. Immigrating to America at just three years old, he has no fun accent to show for it, but was lucky enough to grow up eating amazing Eastern European food, cooked by his mother.

My Mom’s Borscht

Recipe by Sasha Felikson

My Mom’s Borscht

I believe that cooking should be looked at as a hearty thing, as a homey thing, something that touches your soul, and the way a chef can do that is through the food and through the plate. So for me, cabbage, potatoes, beets, strawberries and cherries—these things speak through me much more so than ingredients

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