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The Russian-Jewish Cookbook

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About the Author

The Russian-Jewish CookbookWritten by Rinat Goldberg, Vadim Blumin, Yan Gitcelter and Kira Kletsky 25 years after Israel’s biggest aliyah (immigration to Israel), The Russian-Jewish Cookbook: Recollections and Recipes of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union (LunchBox Press, 2016; in Hebrew) captures the stories and recipes of the one million individuals who came to Israel from former Soviet Union countries.

Syrniki (Cheese Pancakes)

Recipe by The Russian-Jewish Cookbook

<em>Syrniki</em> (Cheese Pancakes)

Popular in former Soviet Union and Russian-speaking countries, the name of these pancakes comes from the Russian word for cheese (syr), their main ingredient and source of fat. Pan-fried in vegetable oil, their edges become crisp while the inside becomes soft and creamy. These are often served for breakfast or dessert.

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