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Ruthie Edelstein

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About the Author

Ruthie EdelsteinRuthie Edelstein is a culinary tour leader with Delicious Israel. When she’s not eating her way through her favorite Israeli markets or leading a virtual tour, Ruthie can be found writing or baking cookie cakes. A lover of sabich, lachooch and rugelach, Ruthie is fascinated by the role that food plays in history and loves exploring the evolution of Jewish food.

Chanukah at Home

by Ruthie Edelstein

Chanukah at Home

This year won’t involve a different group of friends or party every night, but that doesn’t mean Chanukah is canceled. Here are some ways to bring the holiday light to your home celebrations.

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Limonana Pops

Recipe by Ruthie Edelstein

<em>Limonana</em> Pops

One of my go-to summer cafe drinks is limonana, a Hebrew portmanteau of the words limon (lemon) and nana (mint) that sounds like limonada (lemonade). Limonana is generally a slushy

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