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Paula Wolfert

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About the Author

Paula WolfertPaula Wolfert is the author of eight classic cookbooks, including Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco, The Cooking of Southwest France and five books on Mediterranean cuisine, one of which is the much-praised Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean. She has won the Julia Child Award three times, the James Beard Award five times, the M. F. K. Fisher Award, the Tastemaker Award and has been a finalist for the British Andre Simon Award

Ajvar (Balkan Eggplant Relish)

Recipe by Paula Wolfert

<i>Ajvar</i> (Balkan Eggplant Relish)

From Emily Kaiser Thelin: Food memories we form as children are often lodged so deeply in our minds, they can stay with us even though the fog of dementia. Alzheimer’s is said to attack the brain in the reverse order of the brain’s development through childhood and early adulthood, so early food memories can be

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Armenian Cauliflower

Recipe by Paula Wolfert

Armenian Cauliflower

From JFE®: Before cauliflower—roasted whole, florets fried or riced—was on everyone’s mind or menu, this recipe was part of Paula Wolfert’s repertoire. Try it, and you’ll understand why.

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