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Nava Atlas

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About the Author

Nava AtlasNava Atlas is the author of many vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and the founder of VegKitchen, a leading resource for all things plant-based. Nava is also visual artist whose work deals with women’s issues, social justice and animal advocacy. Her work has been shown in numerous museum, university and gallery exhibits. Learn more at Nava Atlas Art and Literary Ladies Guide. Nava lives and works in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

Vegan Cholent

Recipe by Nava Atlas

Vegan <em>Cholent</em>

Cholent is a Jewish classic that can be considered an early predecessor to slow-cooker recipes. In its original form, it’s put in the oven before Shabbat and cooked at a

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Recipe by Nava Atlas


Mujaddarah is often made with cracked wheat (bulgur), and sometimes with rice. Either way, the grain is combined with high-protein lentils and lots of onions browned by olive oil. This

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