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Molly Yeh

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About the Author

Molly YehMolly Yeh is a baker, blogger, writer and farmer living in East Grand Forks, North Dakota, with her husband and their chickens. She is the voice behind the wildly popular blog My Name is Yeh, which has been the recipient of multiple awards, including two Saveur 2015 blog awards, and a new cookbook, Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm (Rodale, 2016). Molly also graduated from Juilliard and plays percussion in symphonies and orchestras around the world.

Red Velvet Macaroon Cake

Recipe by Molly Yeh

Red Velvet Macaroon Cake

There is a sad truth about Passover: Its dessert always falls short. Chanukah has donuts, Purim has hamantashen and Rosh Hashanah has honey cake. Poor Passover has no signature sweet. Perhaps

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