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Lauren Fedewa

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About the Author

Lauren FedewaLauren Fedewa is currently serving as the AmeriCorps VISTA member to the Jewish Social Service Agency’s Holocaust Survivor Program. She studies history and German, and is an avid fan of Forrest Gump and Brazil soccer. Her fondest food memories are baking apple pies with her sister to share at family Thanksgivings.

Baked French Toast with Cranberry Maple Sauce

Recipe by Lauren Fedewa

Baked French Toast with Cranberry Maple Sauce

Recipe contributed by Susan Taube. This recipe is one that Holocaust survivor Susan Taube has been making for her children for years. They look forward to it after breaking the Yom Kippur fast or when they come home for a visit. It can be pre-prepared as directed, covered and refrigerated overnight. Uncover and bake as directed.

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