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Kerri Sarembock

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About the Author

Kerri SarembockKerri Sarembock was born in Cape Town, South Africa, as a third generation. In 1986, her family moved to the US, settling in Charlottesville, VA, where she grew up. She moved to Washington, DC, for college and stayed. Never leaving her Capetonian roots to far behind, she learned and loved to cook with her mom in the kitchen from an early age, and now after many years of hosting dinner parties and sharing her food with friends, she is working on compiling all that in a cookbook.

Kerri’s Bobotie

Recipe by Kerri Sarembock

Kerri’s <em>Bobotie</em>

Bobotie is a South African meat casserole topped with an egg custard, usually made with milk. There are many bobotie recipes out there, but after trying various, I’ve settled on

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