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Kristin Eriko Posner

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About the Author

Kristin Eriko PosnerA Japanese-American and Jewish home cook, interior designer, entertaining expert and storyteller, San Francisco-based Kristin Eriko Posner is the founder of Nourish Co., which helps people remember their rituals, connect to their heritage and build community.

Tsukune “Matzah Ball” Soup

Recipe by Kristin Eriko Posner

<em>Tsukune</em> “Matzah Ball” Soup

When learning about reducing kitchen waste a few years ago, I read the book Waste Free Kitchen Handbook. There is a suggestion to keep food scraps like chicken bones, onion ends, carrot, turnip, celery and other vegetable peels and scraps in a bag in the freezer. When the bag fills up, you simply toss everything

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