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Joshua Rosenstein

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About the Author

Joshua RosensteinJoshua Rosenstein is a Baltimore-based foodie, farmer and farm-to-table cook and educator. He runs Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes, LLC, which designs, installs and maintains food gardens and edible landscaping for homeowners, businesses and schools. He gets most excited teaching people what to do with vegetables no one has ever heard of and creating exotic pickled products.

Greek Tzatziki

Recipe by Joshua Rosenstein

Greek <em>Tzatziki</em>

Vacationing on the rural Greek coast with my family, we had plenty of opportunities to give ten-month-old Kai samples of local taverna fare. While fresh grilled fish seems to be

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Pickled Hot Peppers

Recipe by Joshua Rosenstein

Pickled Hot Peppers

These can be made and canned for off-season enjoyment. Follow directions for safe food canning. This recipe is acidic and thus more forgiving of unsafe canning practices, but safe sterilization

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