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Jodi Balis

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About the Author

Jodi BalisJodi Balis is a cooking teacher, food writer, community dietitian and mother of two girls. As owner of Red Lentil Consulting, she helps families simplify food routines, streamline the kitchen and find a meal repertoire and cooking rhythm that fits into busy schedules. Jodi also works at the Capital Area Food Bank, helping to bring healthy food to underserved communities in the DC metro area.

Soup in the Sukkah

by Jodi Balis

Soup in the Sukkah

On a chilly fall night sitting in the sukkah, nothing is better than a warm bowl of soup. Think about it: like the sukkah, soup is built from the basics and nourishing.

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Jodi’s Red Lentils

Recipe by Jodi Balis

Jodi’s Red Lentils

The combination of coconut milk, chicken broth, red lentils and cumin seeds make this a bowl of creamy earthy yumminess. Tastes vary from kid to kid, of course, but this

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