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Ian Seth Levine

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About the Author

Ian Seth LevineIan Levine holds a master’s degree in Professional Writing from Towson University, where he was the founding editor of 9 Daughters Literary + Arts Journal and Schmear Magazine. His poetry is featured in Grub Street and The Free Library of the Internet Void. His prose is featured in the American Red Cross blog. He is the author of Diesel Fuel & Lip Gloss. Ian works as a lecturer of English at the University of Miami.

Earl Grey and Chocolate Sufganiyot

Recipe by Ian Seth Levine

Earl Grey and Chocolate <em>Sufganiyot</em>

As a doughnut-crazed Levine, over the years I’ve scoured the nation in search of the most unconventional and artisanal doughnuts (Sufganiyot 2.0, if you will): Voodoo Donuts and The Salty Doughnut in Portland, Oregon; Doughnut Plant in New York City; The Salty Doughnut in Miami, Florida; Federal Doughnuts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Randy’s Doughnuts in

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