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Ilyse Fishman Lerner

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About the Author

Ilyse Fishman LernerIlyse Fishman Lerner is an avid carb enthusiast, as well as founder/CEO of On Rye, a fresh approach to the Jewish deli sandwich shop located in Chinatown, DC.

Latke Egg Sandwich

Recipe by Ilyse Fishman Lerner

Latke Egg Sandwich

I know I’m not alone in saying this, but wow, do I love breakfast! At home, we can’t keep enough eggs in our fridge—our current habit is over three dozen a week for two people! And at On Rye, we serve breakfast all day long. I’d be kidding if I pretended like we didn’t put

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Cheesy Matzah Brei Kugel

Recipe by Ilyse Fishman Lerner

Cheesy Matzah <em>Brei</em> Kugel

Real talk: Passover is a tough one for me. Don’t get me wrong—it’s a beautiful holiday filled with tradition, family and a reminder of just how lucky we are. It’s just that I’m constantly, insatiably, ferociously hungry. For eight days straight. After all, I named my business after a carb. I created this matzah brei

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