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Christian Leue

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About the Author

Christian LeueChristian Leue grew up in San Francisco to German and Japanese parents, eating a mix of old family recipes and their inventive takes on American food when he wasn't spending time overseas. He is currently the office manager at La Boîte, managing day-to-day operations and producing a monthly recipe geared toward home cooks that highlights seasonality and spices.

Potato and Apple Gratin

Recipe by Christian Leue

Potato and Apple Gratin

A wintry mix of potatoes, apples and onion, this crisp and creamy gratin relies on the seaweed in Lula N.41, from Lior Lev Servcarz’s La Boîte, to supply both salt and savory notes. No cheese or cream is used, allowing the flavors of peak-season produce to shine through. Your guests will recognize the vegetable combo from those classic

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