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Carine Goren

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About the Author

Carine GorenCarine Goren is Israel’s best-known pastry chef. Her cookbooks are bestsellers, and her hit television show Sweet Secrets has won her many fans. Her bestselling baking book of the same name was first published in Hebrew in 2006 and then in English in 2010. In 2016 she became a judge on the TV show Bake-Off Israel and released Traditional Jewish Baking: Retro Recipes Your Grandma Would Make...If She Had a Mixer, the English translation of her 2013 book.

Abambar (Libyan Almond Cookies)

Recipe by Carine Goren

<em>Abambar</em> (Libyan Almond Cookies)

Abambar are Tripolitanian almond cookies I found in the Netanya market, where they are sold year-round, but especially for Passover. The abambar resemble macaroons, but are less delicate in look and texture. They are cracked and tanned, taste like marzipan and have the unique aroma of bitter almonds. After much trial and error, I came

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Festive Chocolate-Coconut Cake

Recipe by Carine Goren

Festive Chocolate-Coconut Cake

Forget dry and dense Pesach cakes! With a baked (and moist!) coconut base, a rich (and fast) chocolate mousse filling and a sweet whipped cream frosting, this cake will really make Passover a happy holiday. For a pareve version (great as a dessert after the seder), substitute the butter with margarine and the dairy whipping

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