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Ari Miller

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About the Author

Ari MillerAri Miller is the chef/co-owner of Food Underground in Philadelphia, PA, a roaming dinner-party-for-hire. Ari believes in the power of the dinner table and pursues that faith every day, for there is no Sabbath in his world. But there are drinks after work, as he learned at HaMinzar, Tel Aviv’s legendary 24-hour bar and his first kitchen.

Giant Fermented Latke with Pickled Herring

Recipe by Ari Miller

Giant Fermented Latke with Pickled Herring

Latkes are about as standard a holiday staple as there can be. No joke, when asked to submit a recipe there was a specific caveat not to include them. I suppose that’s because they’ve been overdone, overexposed, over-consumed and over-recipe-d. But ever the contrarian, I thought, “Well, they’ve never been fermented!” I was wrong, of

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