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Pilot Project Application

Test drive JFE in your market this Rosh Hashana through Chanukah! Be one of three cities invited to reap the benefits and rewards that JFE offers.

Deadline to apply: Friday, June 19
Selections announced: Friday, June 26

    Organization Information

    Federation Name

    Community Size

    Jewish Community Population

    What other community engagement programs do you support, if any?

    I foresee us being able to invest the following human resource hours into the Jewish Food Experience Pilot:

    Questions (Please answer each question in 200 words or less)

    What aspect of Jewish Food Experience do you find most intriguing?

    How will you measure if Jewish Food Experience is a worthwhile program for your community?

    What organizational goals do you hope Jewish Food Experience will help you achieve?

    Personal Information:

    Full Name





    For questions, contact:
    Paul Entis, JFE Executive Director
    [email protected]