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AboutKosher Policy

In an attempt to be inclusive to all Jews in the Greater Washington community, all recipes listed on this site will be kosher by nature of the recipe or have a kosher option provided. Although some referenced restaurants, caterers, advertisers, supporters or foods will not be kosher, every attempt has been made to eliminate any foods or ingredients that may make users of this site uncomfortable.

It is the policy of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington that all food items served, or catering services provided, at any public event or activity sponsored by or on behalf of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington be certified as Kosher in accordance with the Kashrut standards of the Vaad HaKashrut of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. For these purposes, in addition to direct supervision by the Vaad, certification of food products or catering services by nationally recognized, and approved Kosher certification organizations, such as the Orthodox Union (OU), are acceptable.

Should this project sponsor a cooking demonstration, food festival or other public activity where food is provided for free or purchase, both kosher and kosher-style options will be made available.

For more information about the Jewish dietary laws, please visit MyJewishLearning.