Dear Mom,

The reflective, slow days of the high holidays feel long behind me. It was nice to cook for people and take time for myself, to think about my life outside of school and deadlines.

Raw buckwheat jarAs soon as the sun set and I broke my fast, I felt ready to get on with it. And I got on with it pretty fast. Sitting down to write this letter is the first time I’ve stopped to reflect since the holidays. Not a good thing.

Life has been too busy per usual. There’s schoolwork, work-work, friends, travel, events. One thing that’s made it easier to hit the ground running once I roll out of bed in the morning is pre-prepped breakfasts. I prepare meals for the following day late at night when I’m bleary-eyed and delirious and can no longer look at a computer screen. In the morning, I throw clothes on, grab a jar of something delicious and head out into the world.

One of my favorite breakfasts-in-a-jar is buckwheat porridge. I’ve been playing around with buckwheat a lot. As life seems to get faster and faster, I feel drawn to foods that evoke slowness, foods scented with nostalgia that remind me of times when the clock did not seem to tick so fast. Times in which life didn’t feel like such a crazy jumble. Buckwheat smells like Bubbe. I remember going to her house for dinner eating kasha and bows smothered in fried onions. The smell stayed in my hair for days.

This sweet buckwheat recipe is a less-smelly and more luxurious way to enjoy buckwheat. It’s a quick, but lavish breakfast…and it still takes me back to slower times.